Working for business, working for nature

We are delivering great results for a whole range of different operations, saving time, money, reducing the environmental impact and looking after the cleaning teams wellbeing. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers say about Tersano lotus® PRO.

Your Testimonials

Extremely Professional

“Through our relationship with ISS, we were introduced to BAWater and the lotus® PRO chemical free technology, which we had installed in December 2016. I inherited the relationship with BAWater after installation and I’ve not been disappointed. They are an extremely professional organisation and the service we receive from the team is excellent. We’d highly recommend BAWater and the lotus® PRO cleaning system to other businesses.”

Debbie Donoghue, General Manager, ISS – June 2017

Improving efficiency

“We are using the Tersano lotus® PRO in all our outer areas, floors, windows and damp dusting, it is removing all the old chemical build up and leaving cleaner surfaces, this is increasing our efficiency cleaning.”

Christine C Fleming, Ancillary Service Manager, Cofely – Pinderfields Hospital

Reducing costs

“We have reduced our cleaning budget by 30% in the last year, this represents a significant saving for our business.”

Erdal, Head of Housekeeping – Thistle Marble Arch

I’d rate the effectiveness as 10 out of 10

“Prior to using the Tersano lotus® PRO, I was one of many of my staff that was sceptical of using “water” to clean. However now after using this product I am one of your biggest fans. I am a big advocate of the Tersano lotus® PRO and have championed it with Senior Managers internally. The end result is that here at Heysham 2 we are getting another 5 units installed in different parts of the power station. I’d personally rate the effectiveness of Aqueous Ozone on a variety of floor coverings as 10 out of 10.”

Angie Walker Beattie, Admin Area Supervisor – Workplace Solutions, Heysham Power Station

Staff wellbeing

“The Aqueous water system has given us a safer way to clean. Our cleaners who suffer from asthma and eczema have remarked on the improvement since we have changed. It is a brilliant innovation that resolves both environmental and Health & Safety issues.”

Melanie Richardson – Head of Vinci Clean

Delivering on CSR & Kinder to the environment

“We strive as a business to have as gentle impact as possible on the environment and we are always looking for ways to reduce both our carbon footprint and environmental impact. Using Aqueous Ozone means we do both.”

Sean, Contracts Manager, Pinnacle PSG

Marvellous as an industrial cleaner

“I work in the main workshop that consists of mechanical machinery which leaks machine oil. The floors I clean are painted. After 6 weeks of using Aqueous Ozone ‘magic water’ the condition of the workshop floor has improved immensely. This area has a heavy traffic footfall of muddy, oily work boots and therefore the floors need to be cleaned daily. The product has worked wonders around machinery areas where oil is leaked. After only 5 weeks of using this ‘magic water’ the cleaning of the workshop floor has subsided. Aqueous Ozone has also extremely well on painted oily breezeblock walls, came clean first attempt. Marvellous!! As an industrial cleaner I would highly rate this product”

Andrea Hathaway, Industrial Operative Works, Workplace Solutions, Heysham Power Station

Well done BAWater

“the Tersano lotus® PRO is the best thing since sliced bread. I clean 870 square metres of lino/resin corridors, previously a buffing machine was used to clean up any scuff/coffee stains. The first time I used Aqueous Ozone in a scrubber dryer I wasn’t impressed with the results as it left tram lines on the floor. I later found out that the product was actually lifting years of chemical usage. I now use Aqueous Ozone in a mop system and after just 2 attempts the tram lines have gone. For scuffs and coffee stains you just need to spray and mop. This product has been great at preventing the build-up of dust. So pleased with this product, no more chemicals for me.’ ”

Stefan Hobbs, Domestic Operative, Workplace Solutions, Heysham Power Station