Washroom Thermal Products

Washrooms naturally accumulate high levels of harmful bacteria and viruses. With every flush, toilets and urinals force faecal micro-organisms into the air settling on washroom surfaces. Poor ventilation, shared facilities and people who do not wash their hands all add to the hygiene problem.

Regular cleaning, disinfecting and the use of masking agents can’t control the spread of these micro-organisms. In eight hours, a single bacteria cell can multiply to over 8 million, meaning odours prevail and health risks increase.

The AirSteril Washroom product range reduces harmful bacteria and virus health hazards in both the air and on all exposed surfaces in your washrooms by improving the air quality and eliminating unpleasant odours, looking after the healthcare of your staff and visitors.

Benefits of the Washroom Range

  • Removes embarrassing odours by treating the root cause
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces
  • Destroys mould and fungi
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Reduces chemical usage
  • Eliminates the need for masking agents
  • Provides fresh clean air
  • Sanitises all exposed washroom surfaces 24/7

The Washroom Thermal Range:

  • AirSteril WT RangeSuitable for light to medium footfall washrooms – perfect for use in all washrooms and baby changing facilities
  • Designed for Infection & Odour control, sanitising the air and all exposed surfaces 24/7
  • The vertically wall mounted technology is easy to install and maintain
  • Low running costs with the need for just one annual lamp change
  • The unit is silent
  • Choose from a polycarbonate moulded outer case in brilliant white or chrome mirror finish
  • Suitable for rooms with normal or forced ventilation (note: not suitable for washrooms without external doors)
  • The number in the unit code signifies the floor coverage area – WT10 covers 10m2 and an WT30 covers 30m2
  • Not suitable for areas of constant occupation

Airsteril WR20_30

  • Suitable for higher to heavy footfall
  • Commercial washrooms – All public facilities, Offices, Factories and Schools
  • The unit is installed horizontally or vertically on the wall or can be ceiling mounted
  • The unit can be installed a distance from odour source and targeted
  • The unit has an aluminium, vandal resistant body
  • The number on the unit signifies the floor coverage area – WR20 covers up to 20m2 and a WR30 covers 30m2

Airsteril WR20_30

  • For use in extreme odour areas
  • Suitable for very heavy footfall areas ie 10,000 per day
  • Largest commercial washrooms – Motorway services, Stadiums, Airports, Stations
  • The number on the unit signifies the floor coverage area – WRX30 covers up to 30m2 and a WRX40 covers 40m2



The innovative technology of the Airsteril Thermal unit controls bacteria, viruses and moulds both in the air and on surfaces more efficiently than ever before. All of this is achieved without fans and with very low energy consumption.

The thermal system ensures that contaminated air that is processed through the unit achieves optimum dwell time in the purifying chamber. As the processed air leaves the unit, it then itself becomes an efficient cleaning agent, targeting pathogens both in the air and on surfaces.

AirSteril Solution

The units provide clean, fresh sanitised air and is proven to kill bacteria and viruses found in the air and on exposed surfaces. With no filters to change, minimal maintenance and low energy consumption, it provides a green solution which improves the washroom hygiene and environment for all users.

WR20/30 Dimensions
140mm (w) x 100mm (h) x 450mm (l)
WRX30/40 Dimensions
140mm (w) x 100mm (h) x 470mm (l)
Anodised aluminium, solid extrusion
WR30 Power Supply
100-240V 12 watts (via 13a switched fuse spur)
WRX Power Supply
100-240V 12 watts (via 13a switched fuse spur)
Wall or ceiling mounted at 4 points, easy access for marking with end caps removed
Continuous indicated by blue lamp. Requires annual lamp change.
WT10/20/30 Dimensions
125mm (w) x 400mm (h) x 90mm (l)
Polycarbonate UL94 V2 Moulding
Power Supply
220V 9 watts (via switched fused spur from existing power supply)
Vertical wall mounting only
Continuous indicated by blue lamp. Requires annual lamp change.