The Custom Vehicle Unit

Odour control on the move…

Working vehicles have to cope with a lot, the same vehicle may be used for a variety of loads creating problems with cross contamination. Maintaining an odour free, clean and infection controlled environment can be a constant challenge. With busy schedules and quick turnarounds, time allowed for vehicle cleaning is always tight with deep cleaning requiring vehicle off road.

Traditional cleaning, disinfecting and use of masking agents cannot control the spread of micro-organisms. In eight hours, a single bacteria cell can multiply to over 8 million, meaning health risks increase and unpleasant odours prevail, giving the impression of poor cleaning standards.

Airsteril uses specialist techniques proven to kill up to 98.11%* of bacteria and viruses found in the air and on exposed surfaces


  • Stops soiled laundry impacting on freshly laundered items
  • Prevents lingering odours from previous loads
  • Controls unpleasant odours and associated health risks
  • Maintains sterility levels in transported goods
  • Maintains a sanitised environment to prevent bacteria growth
  • Prevent cross contamination between and across loads
  • Improve hygiene levels
  • Extend deep clean cycles, reducing vehicle off road time
  • Speedy removal of embarrassing odours by treating the root cause
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses in the air and on all surfaces
  • Destroys mould and fungi
  • Reduces chemical usage
  • Eliminates the need for masking agents
  • Provides clean, fresh air
AirSteril Vehicle UnitPerfect for use in a variety of vehicles including…

  • Laundry
  • Multi-use
  • Waste/Recycling
  • Medical Supplies
  • Food and professional movers

How our custom vehicle unit works

The unit is mounted on an anti-vibration installation plate, which allows the very latest Airsteril technology to stand up to the heavy wear and tear of a working vehicle. This Airsteril unit achieves unparalleled results in the reduction of odours, targeting bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi both in the air and on all exposed surfaces.

The superior results can be achieved without the need to take the vehicle off the road or any changes to working pattern. Available as a 12 or 24 volt model dependant on requirements.

130mm (w) x 100mm (h) x 750mm (l)
Anodised aluminium, solid extrusion
Power Supply
100 – 220V 55 watts (via 13A switched fuse spur)
Set Up
Wall mounted at 4 points, easy access or portable using in-built top cover handle
UV-C Lamp
1 x 36w PLL tube at 25,000 uw per sq cm. Lamp life 8000 hours
Continuous for up to 100 m2 coverage or short power blasts in heavy contamination