The Multiflex Products

In an enclosed space, airborne micro-organisms create offensive odours, spread infections and compromise hygiene standards. Traditional cleaning methods and masking agents are not enough. After cleaning, once a facility is re-used harmful micro-organisms can return and grow at a rapid rate. Odours prevail and health risks increase.

Healthcare environments are particularly vulnerable. Incontinence or special medical conditions create high levels of bacteria. Cleaning surfaces and fabrics cannot eliminate micro-organisms, nor clear odours. Offices, schools and colleges experience many odour problems. Where people congregate there are risks of cross infection; even desks and keyboards can harbour harmful levels of bacteria and viruses. Changing rooms and storage areas are often prone to mould and the associated health risks.

The MultiFlex range lift hygiene levels to a standard that is impossible to achieve with traditional cleaning alone, removing odours and controlling infections.


  • Removes embarrassing odours by treating the root cause
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces
  • Destroys mould and fungi
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Reduces chemical usage
  • Eliminates the need for masking agents
  • Provides fresh clean air
  • Sanitises all exposed surfaces 24/7


The MultiFlex Range

  • AirSteril MF MultiplexPerfect for use in Care Homes (communal rooms, corridors, reception areas), changing rooms (gymnasiums, offices), Kitchens and food preparation areas, GP waiting rooms, open plan offices and nurseries
  • Suitable for enclosed areas that are constantly occupied
  • Odour and infection control in healthcare
  • Fan driven
  • The unit can easily be wall or ceiling mounted, vertically or horizontally, hard wired or can be supplied with a plug and feet for temporary use
  • The unit has a low running cost with just one annual lamp change
  • The number in the unit code signifies the floor area – an MF40 covers 40m2 and an MF80 covers 80m2.
  • For larger areas, a combination of MF units should be used.

MP20, MP40, MP60, MP80 and MP100 Dimensions
W – 130mm; H – 100mm; L – 435mm
Anodised Aluminium Solid Extrusion
Power Supply
100V-220V, 25 Watts, (via 13A switched fused spur)
Set Up
Mounted at 4 points, easy access or table top
UV-C Lamp
1 x 13W PLL lamp at 10,000µW per cm2, lamp life 8000 hours
Continuous for 75-100m2 units, or short power blasts in heavy contamination
Annual lamp change
AS20 Dimensions
185mm (w) x 345mm (h) x 95mm (d)
Anodised aluminium, solid extrusion
Power Supply
100-220V 18 watts (via 13a switched fused spur)
Set Up
Wall mounted at 4 points, easy access for marking with end caps removed
Continuous, indicated by blue lamp. Requires annual lamp change