As part of the i-range brought to you by BAWater, we offer the i-Gum. In just 6 seconds the i-Gum eliminates any unwanted sticky materials such as chewing gum, stickers and lining glue from surfaces. The i-Gum requires no water or power supply. It is effective on hard floors, soft floors, tarmac, doors, cabinets, plywood, concrete and steel. The i-Gum removes sticky residue anywhere and everywhere.

All of the controls are located in the head of the machine for easy reach. It has been designed to be user-friendly and flexible enough to work in a number of different environments and hard to reach areas. There are no dangerous fumes or heat used when working with the i-Gum making it safer for the operative.

Technical Specification

Voltage Product Code
230 V IGM.I-V.1110C
240 V IGM.I-V.1210C
115 V IGM.I-V.2510C
110 V IGM.I-V.4610C

Weight of Product 12.8 Kg
Weight in Box (inc fluidx4 gasx2) 25 Kg
Size Body 36 x 30 x 57
Size with lance 36 x 30 x 113
Size box L*W*H 120 x 35 x 40 cm
Ignition battery spec. Li-ion 14.8 V | 6.6 Ah | 95.04 Wh
Power (Watt) of Fan DC 12 V | 4 W
Material LLDPE, ABS, PC, PP, Aluminium
Gas Capacity 2.6 Kg/H
Tank Capacity 2.5 Ltr
CBM 0,168
20′ Container loading quality 145
Warranty 1 year