Tersano lotus® PRO

One of the key products that we offer is the Tersano lotus® PRO. This innovative, high capacity compact unit is way ahead of its time and stands head and shoulders above its competitors, taking environmental commercial cleaning to a new level.

Lotus ProPatented technology recreates ozone – nature’s cleaner – straight from the tap. Cold tap water is mixed with a stabiliser and oxygen filtered from the outside air. The water is then charged with electricity to create Stabilised Aqueous Ozone = H2O +O3, a powerful, natural sanitised cleaning solution.

The Stabilised Aqueous Ozone solution is attracted to dirt and grime and cleans immediately, wiping out pathogens and contaminants through oxidization with little contact time. Aqueous Ozone is proven to kill MRSA, H1N1, E.Coli and Staph up to 99.99% of the time, significantly reducing the risk of infection. The natural solution also sanitises surfaces virtually instantly, is stronger than bleach and more powerful than chlorine but just like water, you could drink it, spill it, get it on your skin with no side effects whatsoever.

With no toxins or fumes created, using a Tersano lotus® PRO in the workplace it’s proven to reduce risks to staff well-being. Cleaning operatives who have skin conditions and/or asthma have seen a marked improvement in their conditions and are no longer affected by their work environment, and an operative that’s pregnant can work on site longer with no risk to mother or child.

Stabiliser Order FormAqueous Ozone tackles every cleaning task and eliminates the need to mix and rinse like traditional chemicals, reducing time and water consumption. Because it leaves no residue on surfaces, when used on floors, it also reduces the risk of slips and falls.

The Tersano lotus® PRO is extremely commercially viable and produces Stabilised Aqueous Ozone at pennies per litre. It’s hugely energy efficient as it draws only 0.8 amps while being, the equivalent of just two 40 watt light bulbs.

Once cleaning is finished, Aqueous Ozone returns back to its original state, water and oxygen. There’s absolutely no down-stream pollution and it’s 100% safe for the environment.

  • Reduces water usage
  • Eliminates the disposal of chemicals
  • Sends zero waste to landfill
  • Improves Health & Safety
  • Is highly energy efficient
  • The use of aqueous ozone generated by the Tersano lotus® PRO is subject to strict regulatory requirements, all of which have approved the technology. It is also recognised by ISO14001. The outcome is tried, tested and proven.

Join some of the biggest brands in the world such as McDonalds, RBS and PwC and join the green cleaning revolution.

Tersano lotus® PRO Technical Information

Tersano lotus® PRO High Capacity Unit Installation

Tersano lotus® PRO High Capacity Unit with Stabilisation Module (How it Works)

Dimensions: 57cm x 47cm x 25cm Stabiliser Order Form
Flow Continuous flow. Up to 12 litres/min. 30min shut off safety feature
Power: 220v

Model number: LQFC275-FB LQFC275-FB
Stabilisation: SAO-4 SAO-24
Sanitising time: Up to 4 hours Up to 24 hours
Cleaning time: Up to 3 days Up to 6 days
Cartridge life: 6,000 litres* 3,000 litres*

*Varies according to local water pressure

Tersano lotus® PRO High Capacity Unit  (How to change the stabiliser)


Stabiliser Order FormWhen you purchase your lotus® PRO unit from BAWater, you will also benefit from the following:

  • Supply and installation of the unit
  • 5-year warranty
  • 24-hour Help line
  • Intensive Implementation Plan
  • A monthly courtesy call from our Help desk
  • Stabiliser exchange system to ensure, you don’t run out
  • Additional services are available (Call for further details)

Support and Training


Stabiliser Order FormWhen you purchase your lotus® PRO unit from BAWater, you and your staff will embark upon an intensive implementation plan following installation to ensure a smooth transition and to get the most from your new machine(s). Your staff will be given a presentation on the benefits and working practises of the lotus® PRO (of which there are many!) and have the opportunity to ask any questions. Everyone who attends the presentation will receive a user guide to refer back to. This support and access to training is ongoing and can be called upon at any time for new starters or refreshers.

To prove the effectiveness of the lotus® PRO, we’ll identify 3 key areas where we can conduct an APT bacterial test and log the results before the installation. Working alongside you and your team, we will also determine the amount of chemicals used before the transition and how much were spent on chemicals (where possible) so we can prove the cost saving to your business, as well as the environmental benefit. The results will be shared with you.


Q. Ozone in its chemical form is toxic. How does the lotus® PRO ensure that no ozone is released into the air during the stabilisation process?

Stabiliser Order FormA. Our system has been designed, fully tested, verified and proven that it only puts ozone into the water in the unit and not into the air. We use TUV/SUD labs for all of our regulatory testing. This is a specific test that has been undertaken. No toxic byproducts are produced. The only byproducts of the lotus® PRO is water and air.

Q. What is stabilised Aqueous Ozone?

A. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas produced in the upper atmosphere by ultraviolet light from the sun. It comprises nothing more than three oxygen atoms in the form of O3. Oxygen in this form is very unstable and it looks to shed the extra atom at the earliest possible opportunity. In the simplest of terms, it is this property that makes ozone outstanding at killing bacteria, viruses and fungi spores and at oxidizing odours, stains and dirt. Ozone is 50% more powerful than chorine and is significantly times faster acting.


Q. How big is the lotus® PRO unit?

A. The Tersano lotus® PRO is 57cm x 47cm x 25cm and it weighs 12kg.


Q. How much Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) does the lotus® PRO produce?

A. There is continuous flow of SAO for 30 minutes before the safety features shuts it off. The Unit produces up to 12 litres per minute and has a mechanical backflow prevention feature.


Q. What does the stabiliser do?

A. The stabiliser module removes elements from the water that inhibit ozone saturation.


Q. How often does the stabiliser need replacing?

A. The stabiliser should be replaced every 800 or 1600 gallons, depending on the module chosen.


Q. Where is the ideal place to install a lotus PRO® Unit?

A. The lotus® PRO should be installed near water and electrical supply. The ideal place is in or near the Cleaners room where there is a sink or a kitchen.


Q. Does the lotus® PRO come with a warranty?

A. Yes, the lotus® PRO comes with a five year warranty.


Q. Is there a risk that employees could drink Stabilised Aqueous Ozone?

A. The lotus® PRO unit isn’t portable. The output is used to fill mop buckets, auto-scrubbers, carpet cleaners and spray bottles etc therefore risk is minimal. However, it would not harm employees if they liberally spray or spill Stabilised Aqueous Ozone on themselves or colleagues. Although we wouldn’t encourage drinking SAO, there would be no harm done if it was drank accidentally.


Q. How do you know when the unit is in use?

A. On the front of the lotus® PRO there is an On/Off rocker switch. When switched on a Green LED light appears to show that the lotus® PRO system is ready to use. When an Amber LED light shows, it means the unit is charging and producing SAO.


Q. How much power is required to use the lotus® PRO?

A. When running, the lotus® PRO draws between 0.8 to 1.5 amps and between 120 to 180 watts and its consumption is 0.0878 kilowatts per hour. This is equivalent of 2 x 40 watt light bulbs.


Q. What are the cost benefits to my business?

A. Installation and training of the lotus® PRO is complementary, along with an annual service call. It’s estimated that you can save in the region of 20% versus chemical cleaning costs directly. Indirectly, you will also save on totally eliminating the need for chemicals, deliveries, chemical disposal and toxic waste while reducing water consumption.


Q. Do you require special equipment to use Stabilised Aqueous Ozone?

A. No special equipment is required. Stabilized Aqueous Ozone is compatible with your existing equipment and procedures just without the nasty chemicals. We provide complementary training on installation to ensure you are getting the most from your machine.


Q. How does Stabilised Aqueous Ozone work?

A. SAO attacks organic matter, breaking it down into smaller particles and suspending it in solution. Ozone reacts with proteins which are large organic compounds and consist of strings of amino acids held together by peptide bonds. The 3rd oxygen atom in ozone reacts with the peptide bonds breaking apart the proteins, leaving behind base amino acids. The ozone continues to react with the base amino acids and breaks them down into even smaller stable/inert inactive matter. These minute particles are then readily suspended in solution (water) and with a wipe of a Microfiber cloth or mop the suspended soil is removed from the surface. Stabilized Aqueous Ozone can break down red wine, tomato juice, fatty acids, oils, dyes, urine, mold, mildew, coffee and tea stains etc.


Q. What are the credentials of the lotus® PRO Unit?

A. Safety:

  • Stabilisd Aqueous Ozone is fully TüV tested and certified (No U*130577529003)
  • Ozone off gassing is certified at a maximum of 0.0015 which is 100 times less than the 0.2ppm workplace exposure limit. (TüV test report: 221758-2428637)
  • EC directive compliant with full CE conformity (EN60335-1/A2-2006)
  • No managing hazardous materials. No need for PPE. No HAZMAT restrictions
  • One Line COSHH assessment, eliminating multiple chemical assessments and is perfectly harmless to staff and customers

Environmentally Friendly:

  • Stabilised Aqueous Ozone reverts back to water and oxygen after time, no fear of polluting drainage systems.
  • No receiving, handling and disposing of chemicals and their containers – reducing your carbon footprint.


  • Meets with Green Seal Environment Standard (GS-37/GS-53) as an industrial cleaner
  • Proven more effective than leading quaternary disinfectant chemical cleaner and green cleaner
  • Provides up to 70% more slip resistance than floors cleaned with traditional cleaners (ASM825)
  • Delivers a 99.999% reduction in pathogens with little contact time


  • Single cleaning solution for multiple applications that eliminates the need for rinsing
  • No need to use different chemicals for different cleaning tasks
  • No mixing and dilution challenges
  • Can be used in mop buckets, spray bottles, scrubber driers, carpet cleaners anywhere where chemicals are used Stabilised Aqueous Ozone will replace
  • Sanitises surfaces virtually instantly versus up to 20 minute contact time recommended for chemical disinfectants